The Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice needs your help in supporting the cause of migrant workers. Though our goals are large, we are restricted by limited funds, staff, and equipment.


Why We Need Your Help

With our support, the FLOC movement has gained critical human rights and self-determination for people who do some of the most important work in America - producing the food we eat! Founded in 1976 in Ohio, FLOC fights for the rights of migrant farm workers. Victories of the FLOC movement over the past 25 years include:

In addition to fighting for farmworker labor rights, we are committed to international worker solidarity, immigrant rights, environmental justice, sustainable agriculture, indigenous cultural dignity, and Black-Latino relations in the US.

We have taken important stands:

CMWJ has been active in the struggle for migrant worker justice for over three decades. But we are also a poor and understaffed organization, stretched very thin for all the things we need to do. Over the years, it has always been supporters like you who have made a significant difference in our successes for justice. Many of you have already been active in supporting the FLOC movement, and there are many ways you can contribute to our ongoing efforts.

Keep Informed

Building a popular movement for justice requires being informed about the issues. CMWJ maintains the FLOC website to provide information on the migrant worker justice.

We also maintain the FLOC Supporters Listserv to keep people informed about mass actions to outweigh the political and economic power of those control the existing system for their own benefit.

Also, pass the word! As you become more informed, help inform others, so we can continue broadening the movement and gain strength for more victories.

We Need Volunteers

Our small staff is always overloaded, and you can help extend the things we need to do. Over the years, volunteers have helped us in many ways, including helping with administrative work in the offices and our training programs.

What does it take to volunteer? Here are some characteristics that can help make the FLOC movement a greater success:

Some of the skills we need include:

We need volunteers to help in our locations, particularly in Ohio, North Carolina, and Mexico. To volunteer, please contact us at:

Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice:
1221 Broadway Street
Toledo, Ohio 43609
419-243-3456 ext. 8

Be a Community Organizer!

You can also organize your own community in support of migrant worker justice. To learn more, contact us at:

Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice:
1221 Broadway Street
Toledo, Ohio 43609
419-243-3456 ext. 8

Thank You!

The gains for migrant worker self-determination would not exist without the critical contributions of our supporters. We appreciate the great efforts you make for justice. Thanks!